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Currencies you can mine with us


Start your amazing journey with ETH mining, other currencies are under development

Our advantages

Real Anonymous Mining
No financial information will be displayed at for your full protection
Full-dimension Protection
HTTPS protocol, dual protection, cold wallet storage and world top security team guarantee full-dimension protection
High-speed Matching
Stability for more than 10,000 transactions per second
Latest technologies for
maximum efficiency
Get the most while mining - increase your profit for more than 5% with!
Fast Payments
Payouts to miners run twice a day.
Best commission on the market
We charge not more than 0,5% for mining and there are no transaction fees for you at
We are on Etherscan

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Hash rate Bonus

The bonus is calculated based on your average monthly hash rate and is paid out to your wallet on monthly basis during first 6 months of mining with us. Start mining with now to get your bonus.

Hash rate
100 Gh/s
$ 30,000
10 gh/s
$ 10,000
1000 mh/s (1 gh/s)
$ 1,000
100 mh/s
$ 100
Referral program charges minimal commission on the market - 0,5% and we are willing to share our profits. Check our pool, make sure that it's profitable and safe to work with us, recommend our pool to other miners and get a bonus from pool's commission:

Referral's hash rate
Your bonus
1 TH/S and mores
contact our support team for the details
up to 1 TH/Ss
up to 50% of pool's commission
up to 100 GH/S
up to 30% of pool's commission
over to 10 GH/S
up to 10% of pool's commission
less than 10 GH/S
up to 7% of pool's commission
Get started
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Check out the results of real people who are already mining with us

Everything is transparent here.

1.80 GH
Hashrate at the pool
Profit growth
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1.20 GH
Hashrate at the pool
Profit growth
# miners
1.13 GH
Hashrate at the pool
Profit growth
# miners

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